Tatsuki Tokuriki


Since I saw ancient glass vessels which had been turned  into rainbow colors  in the soil, I was so fascinated and became interested in reproducing the rainbow color. Also, the ancient glass itself attracted me and I became interested in the old age and its life, so came to imagine ancient streets and paint patterns. I’ve been creating a “Time and Space” that flows eternally from ancient times to the present, and the present to the future.

土の中から見つかった虹色に銀化した古代ガラスの器の美しさに魅せられて以来、その虹色の再現に試行錯誤を重ねる。また、古代ガラス自体にも魅せられ、古い時代やその暮らしにも興味をもち、古代の街並などをイメージし文様を描くようになる。古代から現在、現在から未来へと悠久に流れる “時空”を作品の中に表現し続けている。