Cherish promotes Japanese inspired art, culture, unique products, and experiences. It does this through beneficial engagements and networking between artists, ateliers, innovators, and those seeking out the wonders and experience of Japan.


Cherish collects genuine arts and crafts that embody the seductive simplicity of an artist's body of work.


We are our clients’ preferred partners, helping them connect locally and drive growth by offering solutions based in extensive art management experience in Japan. Do you need assistance with your next project? Let our experience and expertise make it a success.

Cherish Arts

We collect high quality, sophisticated works and artists’ oeuvre, serving as a liaison between artists and art and design lovers.
Museum | Living style

ミュージアム | リビングスタイル

Cherish Experience

We provide a place and platform where we can share each other’s values through art.
Exhibition | Art guidance

展示会 | アートガイダンス

Cherish Network

We plan projects to connect art and business utilizing domestic and overseas networks, and help with developing products and sales channels that are efficient and compatible with local customs and practices.
Branding | Business support

ブランディング | ビジネス支援


Ayumi Nakade
CEO | Art Director

I am thrilled to be meeting with you and sharing inspiring moments together.
Thank you for walking into my life.

Ayumi was born, raised and educated in Kyoto. Taught by her father and grandfather, both great artists in Kyoto painting. After graduating from Osaka University and gaining experiences at global companies, she became independent. While continuing her art activities, she performed her professional career engaged in business liaison roles, connecting people and businesses inside and outside Japan with her keen art sense and language skills.


    World is full of diversity. Cherish wishes to remain committed to creating boundless opportunities for arts and people.